OSHO AUM Meditation

OSHO Meditation Practices: AUM Meditation

OSHO: Understand where your emotions grow from, feel, express, get closer…

AUM consists of 12 stages and lasts about 2.5 hours. Each stage is 12 minute long.

AUM meditation is social meditation, i.e. it involves interacting with other people through acceptance, support and empathy. Everyone here is like a mirror in which you can finally see yourself!

At Aum, you encounter all the emotions inherent in human. You will find and begin to notice their manifestations, which, as before, it seemed you definitely did not have. But it is these emotions that hold back our energy and limit our lives. We will feel and express anger, tenderness, love, sadness, joy, sexuality, openness, silence, thanksgiving.

First you need to cleanse yourself so that everything that you suppressed is discarded, then your body will be cleansed of toxins and poisons, and your soul will be freed from repressed wounds. When you are free from stress, it’s easy for you to laugh and love, and communicate, that is when meditation happens. Try to be relaxed and involved during each stage of the AUM meditation, use all totality and awareness, and don’t make any effort, just let the meditation happen.

Step by step guide

AUM Meditation 1st stage, “Back to the Hell” – 12 minutes:

A very important stage, on the correctness and totality of its implementation, depends on all subsequent processes that occur with you during AUM meditation.

There is animal origin in human, animal power, aggressiveness, and if we can give this animal essence the right direction, then it will transform into something constructive, positive, leading us to meditation, healing.

If you feel hatred, this does not mean that you are bad. You just need to learn how to handle it correctly.

If you hate wrong, two extremes are possible – the first option is that you suppress anger by telling yourself something like “I am calm, I hold myself in control”, although your fists are clenched and you turn red with anger, and then your unexpressed anger settles in your subconscious, like scum in a teapot.

Unexpressed emotions from time to time make themselves felt in the form of flashes of irritation or discontent.

The same unexpressed anger is the cause of a whole list of psychosomatic diseases (hypertension, peptic ulcer, etc.).

The second option of mistreating anger – when a person loses all control and performs unconscious acts – causes harm to himself (up to suicide) or to others (all forms of physical violence).

The transformation of anger into love. How to use anger exclusively for peaceful purposes?

The first thing you need to learn is to be aware of anger.

The second is to allow yourself to express the anger, but in a safe way, without harming anyone. This is the meaning of the first stage of AUM meditation.

Hatred is the other side of love, and if you  love somebody, be prepared to hate him or her. If someone hates you, this means that he /she is not  indifferent to you.

Hatred and anger, unlike the fear, are positive, because they harbor a lot of strength. Fear is negative, as it takes your power away.

Anger expands a person, but fear compresses him. Fear is the same suppressed energy of anger, but directed inward. It’s only important to use this energy correctly.

Hatred, if it arises, can be expressed in the only way – through screaming, breathing and movement.

When anger goes away, new gates open – the gates of love, from which the human are created.

In society, we don’t have such opportunity to express our anger, because if you begin to express your anger through a cry, shouting “I hate you, I will kill you…” etc., after five minutes or earlier, your wife will enter your room, or neighbors /police will knock the door.

Therefore, express your anger in meditation and in the specially designated places.

What happens in the first stage of AUM meditation?

The first stage is a charge of strength and drive for all other stages!

So, in the first stage, the participants are facing each other. The position of the legs is very important.

You are standing on a full foot, feet shoulder width apart, the outer lines of the feet are parallel, so that the big toes are slightly turned inward.

The knees are relaxed and therefore slightly bent. Hands are clenched into fists and pressed to the hips. The head is thrown back a little. Eye contact is required.

For a while, you close your eyes and recall any situations from your past where your anger remained unexpressed.

Then, as soon as you hear a special music, you open your eyes, spontaneously find a partner for you and keeping your stance, looking into each other’s eyes, shout out the simple mantra “I hate you!” or “No!”.

It’s very important that your voice rises from the very bottom of the abdomen, because centers associated with emotions are located there.

If you scream from the area of the throat or head, you can disrupt your vocal cords or get a headache.

So get into the anger as deep as possible, feel it in the very lower abdomen as it rises, and express it by shouting the mantra “I hate you or just “Nooo“.

Allow yourself to express all emotions, all the hot anger as loud and as total as possible.

During the execution of the technique, focus your attention not on what your partner is shouting out, but on your anger and your emotions.

Eye contact induces both participants, i.e. helps to strengthen each other’s anger, and go deeper into your feelings in order to express them as fully as possible.

If during the firs stage you feel that tears come up, cry, but continue to look into the eyes of your partner and keep the focus on expressing the anger, by shouting the mantra “I hate you!” or “Nooo!”

And if you really want to get closer to people, you need to put all your energy into this stage.

This will help you surpass all your stresses, fears and feelings of helplessness. This will give you the strength to feel like a clap of thunder.

AUM Meditation 2nd stage, “Heaven” – 12 minutes:

In the second stage, your energy moves in the exact opposite direction. With the same intensity with which you expressed your negativity, now you say: “I love you.”


You come closer to your partner, take his hands, look into his eyes and say to him, “I love you,” and then hug him, remaining with him in his arms for as long as you want.

Your hug, like a gloved hand, you merge, breathe together, make the sounds and say the simple mantra “Forgive me, please. I love you.”

Let your heart speak at this moment. Do not think, just say something directly from your heart. If tears came – this is wonderful, do not be afraid to express them.

OSHO told that any emotion should be expressed. If you do not express your emotions, then you suppress them – they go into the subconscious and become the “poison” that makes the body lifeless, keeps you in stress“.

Therefore, at this stage of “Love”, hugging each other, allow yourself to be yourself, say the mantra “Forgive me, I love you” and relax in this moment.

Express all your love and gratitude to each other, especially in relation to those whom you most yelled at during the first stage.

AUM Meditation 3rd stage, “Second Wind” – 12 minutes:

Bioenergy exercise – running.


You raise your arms up and run in one place, throwing your knees high, as fast as possible.

And here, when you feel that your energy is at the limit, you have the chance to experience the second wind experience.

Energy and light flow into your body, and this helps you keep on running even easier than before.

Inspire each other, feel connected with others, look at each other, make sounds and feel everyone’s support.

When performing the technique of AUM meditation, totality is very important, that is, whatever you do – do it one hundred percent – as much as possible, only in this case meditation can happen, something that cannot be described in words, that – what comes as a gift.

You will feel your physical strength and  that you can exceed your limits.

AUM Meditation 4th stage, “Kundalini” – 12 minutes:

OSHO talks of Kundalini as energy that rises from the base of your body, passes along the spine and goes outside the body in the crown of the head. 

The movement of this energy in our body is impeded by the muscle clamps that are constantly present in the body.

These muscle clamps are formed when a human experiences fear or when he gives strength to the negative thoughts such as: “I will not succeed, it’s unrealistic, everything is terrebly badбnobody loves me…” and others.

Therefore, one of the main goals of AUM meditation is to free up a human from all sorts of blocks – muscle, emotional and mental. Only in a relaxed body you can feel the movement of energy.

And at this stage you will help your Kundalini to move upward by using the body shaking.

Keep your eyes closed. Just let your body to shake, feel this vibration from within, and let the shake to take the whole body.

Shake consciously, do not go into thoughts, if you realize that you are thinking about something at the moment of shaking, this means that you are not putting all your energy, you are not using all your totality.

Remember that water boils only at 100 degrees, not at 99. The same principle works here. Start shaking gradually and then stronger and stronger, let all muscle groups to be involved, especially the neck, shoulder girdle, hip and legs.

Shake as much as possible. Exhaust yourself completely.

If roses are not cut on the rosebush, they will not grow the next year. But if you cut 3 roses, next year 7 or even more roses will grow on this bush.

Energy in a human being works the same way. If you want to get something new, you need to abandon the old, empty yourself to bea ready ready for acceptance. Therefore, shake as much as possible at this stage. 

This helps you to get rid of all the stress in your body. And you can jump out of your rigidity – physical and mental, and again feel vitality and freshness.

AUM Meditation 5th stage, “Cuckoo’s nest” or “Knowingly go Crazy” – 12 minutes:

OSHO told that a person has three main fears – this is the fear of sex, the fear of going crazy and the fear of death.

In society, a person is always tense, he has to be “like everyone else”, if you are not like everyone else, you can be condemned, shamed.

At this stage, you are allowed to be not like everyone else, but special, unique, crazy.

 Release your suppressed energy, move, breathe, make sounds, run, scream, act like a crazy, give free rein to your emotions, to your playfulness and lightness.

Whatever you do is all right. Scream, cry, jump, hit the mattress, jump naked. Become totally crazy, as crazy as possible. Be aware that you are not harming yourself and others. 

You can express your craziness with your eyes closed, or look at how this happens to others. You become intellegent, only if you can express your craziness.

AUM Meditation 6th stage, “Free Dance” – 12 minutes:

In OSHO meditations, there is always a place for dance, because dance is always movement, always celebration, even if it is a dance of death.

 Dance like it’s your last dance in this life. Express yourself through the dance, get lost in the dance. Become a dance.

This is a time of celebration, enjoy yourself dancing with your eyes open or closed.

Dance is a way of relaxation, let your body move with the music. Express all that you feel through your body and celebrate who you are. Making this stage totally and ecstatically, soar from your very inner being.

AUM Meditation 7th stage, “Crying or Dissolving” – 12 minutes:

Meditation is always dissolution. Dissolution, disappearance in another person, in the nature, in a falling leaf, in the rustle of the wind, in droplets of dew, in the heavy rain.

Very gentle music at this stage will help you go even deeper into yourself, to your center through tears.

Tears are a natural process, it is something that makes a person a human being.

This is something that helps us to clear of any falsehood. This is something that brings lightness to the soul.

When we cry, we do not fight, we surrender, at that moment we, as children, are weak, defenseless, vulnerable, but also pure and innocent. Meditation is also surrender, we are not fighting, we allow something to happen.

People who forget when they cried a last time, lose something in their lives. Even if they are people of logic, they should take though on the fact that if a human has a lacrimal glands, then it would be logical if the function.

At this stage, become vulnerable, just cry for no reason. Allow yourself to be alive. Sit alone or with someone and allow yourself to cry. If you don’t feel the tears, make a soft sounds as if you were crying.

You can think about all the pain in your life, about everything that really makes you cry. Softly hug yourself or your partner, and let your tears to be. Tears help the brain biochemistry to switch from depression to pleasant experiences.

AUM Meditation 8th stage, “Laughing Buddhas” – 12 minutes:

OSHO told that almost all those who achieved the enlightenment began to laugh so loudly and contagiously that no one could stop them.

Every time we laugh, we briefly experience the first glimpses of illumination, we get a taste of the fact that life is ecstasy, delight, glee.

Laughter is the back side of the tears. Laughter gives an energy, warmth, relaxation.

Switch your energy in the opposite direction and just laugh. If you feel serious, pretend that you are not a serious person. Laugh, giggle, move and make the sounds. Cheer up your friends around you. Be soft, delicate, sensitive.

AUM Meditation 9th stage, “Lovers Dance” – 12 minutes:

Meditation does not mean that you have to leave the society, go to leave to the cave and keep the celibacy. Meditation is when your energy begins to move upward from your first center.

The first center is at the base of the body and is associated with sex. Therefore, the first thing that you begin to feel in your meditation is that you begin to feel sex, and people begin to look for contacts with you, something attracts them to you.

OSHO told: “If you suppress your sex, your meditation will not be able to bloom, become sweet and ecstatic.”

At this stage, you choose any partner you like and just dance the Dance of Lovers. Dance sexually, sensually, ecstatically, feeling yourself and others.

You decide what feelings are good for you at this moment and you choose to stay with yourself at this moment or move into new and special sensations with someone new and special. The Dance of Lovers is a chance to experience the sexual side of your nature.

AUM Meditation 10th stage, “Center of the Universe” or “AUM” – 12 minutes:

Recognize that you are the center of the universe, that the universe exists because you are.

At this stage, all participants stand in a circle holding the hands of each other.

There is a candle In the center of the circle and everyone is looking at the candle flame and singing the mantra “AUM”.

OSHO told that AUM is the sound of the universe and this vibration contains everything that exists in the universe. Sound integrates your meditation experience. “AUM” is the sound of the universe, and when you pronounce it, you feel unity with existence.

AUM Meditation 11th stage, “Wow” or “Wonder Meditation” – 12 minutes:

Sit on the floor, close your eyes and look inside yourself, listening to music, observe everything that happens inside and out, enjoying inactivity.

Sit quietly, doing nothing. Spring comes and grass grows on its own.

OSHO: “The meditation that I am talking about is not meditation on something: rather, it is a state of meditation. This is what I mean when I tell you about meditation as a state. 

Meditation does not mean remembering something. Meditation means to drop everything that is in your memory and come to a state where only consciousness remains, when only awareness remains.”

AUM Meditation 12th stage, “Namaste” and Embrace – 12 minutes:

In the East, the word “Namaste” expresses appreciation and respect.

You come to everyone by folding your palms together, look into his(her) eyes, bow, say “NAMASTE” and then hug him(her).

Meet with everyone in the room by this way. Namaste means: I acknowledge and welcome the Buddha in you.


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