OSHO Gibberish Meditation

OSHO Meditation Practices: Gibberish Meditation

Like a dynamic meditation, Gibberish is a technique that provides a deep catharsis. It was first used many years ago by the Sufi mystic Jabbar.

OSHO adapted it to modern conditions. Meditation lasts half an hour and consists of two stages, each of 15 minutes.

Step by step guide


Gibberish Meditation 1st stage – 15 minutes:

Close your eyes and start making meaningless sounds – gibberish. Go completely to this gibberish. Allow yourself to express everything that needs to be expressed within you.

Throw away all the words. The mind always thinks in words. Gibberish breaks this pattern of constantly expression in words.

Without suppressing your thoughts, you can throw them away – in Gibberish. Let your body to be expressive in the same way.

Gibberish Meditation 2nd stage – 15 minutes:

Lie on your stomach and feel that you are dissolving, mixing with the mother earth. With each exhale, feel that you are mingling with the ground beneath you. 

If you perform the meditation outdoors, you can use another variation. Do not close your eyes, leave them open and throw your gibberish into the clear sky above you.

Do not focus on anything. Just look deep into the sky and throw away everything that is inside of you. Start from sitting, but then if you want to get up, or lie down, or move, let your body do this. 

In the second stage, sit or lie on your back and look deep into the sky. Feel as if you are dissolving in the sky.

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