OSHO Mandala Meditation

OSHO Meditation Practices: Mandala Meditation

Mandala meditation is a powerful catharsis technique that creates an energy circle, resulting in centering. It has four stages, fifteen minutes each.

Step by step guide

Mandala Meditation 1st stage – 15 minutes:

With open eyes, run in one place, start slowly and gradually accelerate. Raise your knees as high as possible. Deep and frequent breathing will direct energy inward. Forget about mind and body and go on.

Mandala Meditation 2nd stage – 15 minutes:

Sit with your eyes open and your mouth open and relaxed. Softly rotate the upper part of the body (from the waist), like a reed swayed by the wind.

Feel, how the wind is swinging you from side to side, back and forth. This will bring your awakened energies to the center of the navel.

Mandala Meditation 3rd stage – 15 minutes:

Lying on your back, open your eyes and without moving your head, rotate your eyes clockwise.

Let them fully rotate in the eye cavities, as if you were watching the second hand of a giant watches, but do this as speedily as possible.

It’s important that the mouth remains open and the jaws are relaxed. The breath should be soft and smooth. This will bring your centered energies to the third eye.

Mandala Meditation 4th stage – 15 minutes:

Close your eyes and be motionless.

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