Kirtan Meditation

OSHO Meditation Practices: Kirtan Meditation

Don’t take the religion seriously. You can sing and dance – sad faces are not needed. You have lived too long with the sad faces.

If you see the old face of God, it’s sad. It creates sadness. Now we need a dancing and laughing God.

You have to dance in an ecstatic mood. All your life energy must flow, laugh, sing. Celebrate the life!

Kirtan meditation technique has three stages, each for 20 minutes.

Step by step guide

Kirtan Meditation 1st stage – 20 minutes:

With your eyes closed, dance, sing and clap your hands. Be totally involved into the dance.

Kirtan Meditation 2nd stage – 20 minutes:

Lie down, be silent and still. You can relax, without getting involved, listen to the sounds around, or observe the flow of thoughts, remaining impartial, or be aware of all the feelings in the body.

Kirtan Meditation 3rd stage – 20 minutes:

Allow yourself to sway smoothly. Dance slowly and sing in complete abandonment. Lose yourself.

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