OSHO Chakra Sounds Meditation

This meditation, along with music, uses singing to open and harmonize the chakras, helping to achieve deep inner silence.

Step by step guide

Chakra Sounds Meditation 1st stage – 45 minutes:

This meditation technique performed sitting, standing or lying down. If you are standing, relax your knees, but do not bend them more than needed. Close your eyes. Keep your spine straight. Breathe with your stomach.

Sound comes through a constantly open mouth. Do not forget to relax the lower jaw. As you listen to music, start singing and imagine that the sound is coming from your lower chakra.

After hearing that the sound tone is increased, go to the next chakra up and increas the tone of your singing as well.

When you reach the seventh chakra, go back through all seven chakras to the first. This should take about two minutes. Repeat this entire cycle three times.

Chakra Sounds Meditation 2nd stage – 15 minutes:

Sitting or lying with your eyes closed, silently watch everything that happens inside you.

You can add a color visualization to the sound of each chakra:

1st Chakra – Red
2nd Chakra – Orange
3rd chakra – Yellow
4th chakra – Emerald color, spring grass color
5th chakra – Blue, the color of the sunny sky
6th chakra – Dark blue
7th Chakra – Purple

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