OSHO Golden Light Meditation

This is an easy way to transform your energy and direct it upward. Exercise should be done at least twice a day.

The best time is early in the morning, just before getting out of bed. At the moment when you feel that you are waking up, do it for twenty minutes.

Do it at this moment, because when you wake up, you are very subtle and sensitive, you are very holy and the impact will be deep.

When you just woke up, you are less in your mind than ever, so this method can permeate through the fissures of the mind to the innermost core.

Early in the morning when you wake up and when the whole earth wakes up, there is a huge tidal wave of awakening energy all over the world – use this tide, do not miss this opportunity.

Step by step guide:

All ancient religions used the early morning for prayer – when the sun rises, since the rising of the sun is the rising of all the energies of being.

At this moment you can simply move on a wave of rising energy, it will be easier than at any other time.

In the evening it will be more difficult, because the energies will subside, then you will have to fight the flow.

In the morning you will move with the flow. Just lie, as you usually lie in your bed, on your back.

Keep your eyes closed. When you breathe in, imagine a golden light entering through your head into your body, as if the sun had risen very close to your head.

You are simply empty, and a golden light fills your head and goes deeper, deeper to the toes. When you breathe in, imagine it.

This golden light will help, it will cleanse your whole body and fill it with creativity. This is male energy.

And when you exhale, imagine something else: darkness enters your toes, a great dark river flows into your feet, rises and leaves you from your head.

Breathe slowly and deeply to imagine it. This is female energy. It will soften you, make you susceptible, it will calm you and give you rest.

Do it very slowly. If you just comed out of sleep, you will have very deep and slow breathing, because the body did rested, it’s relaxed.

Another best time is when you go to bed at night. Go to bed and relax for a few minutes.

When you begin to feel that you are on the verge between sleep and wake, just in the middle, start the practice again. Do it for twenty minutes.

If you fall asleep doing it, this is the best, so the action will remain in the subconscious and will continue to work.

If you practice this simple method for three months, you will be surprised – there is no need for suppression, the transformation began on its own.

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