OSHO Devavani Meditation

OSHO Meditation Practices: Devavani Meditation

Devavani is a divine voice entering and leaving a meditator, which becomes an empty vessel, a channel. This meditation is the latihan for the tongue.

It so deeply relaxes the conscious mind that when it is practised at the end of the day, it will definitely provide a deep sleeping.

It has four stages of 15 minutes each. The eyes must be closed during the whole meditation.

Step by step guide

Devavani Meditation 1st stage – 15 minutes:

Sit still, motionless, preferably with quiet music playing.

Devavani Meditation 2nd stage – 15 minutes:

Start making meaningless sounds, such as “La … La … La …” and continue until an unfamiliar, word-like sounds will start to appear.

These sounds need to get out of an unfamiliar part of the brain that you used when you were a child, before you learned the words.

Let this happen, with soft conversational intonation, don’t scream or yell, don’t cry and dont’ laugh.

Devavani Meditation 3rd stage – 15 minutes:

Stand up and keep talking, letting your body move softly in harmony with the sounds. If your body is relaxed, subtle energies will create an uncontrolled latihan.

Devavani Meditation 4th stage – 15 minutes:

Lie down, be silent and motionless.

The only thing to remember is that these sounds or words should not belong to any language that you know.

If you know English, German or Italian, then they should not be Italian, German or English. Any other language that you don’t know is allowed – Tibetan, Chinese, Japanese!

But if you know Japanese, then it’s not allowed – then Italian is perfect! Speak any language you don’t know. You will be in confusion for several seconds on the first day: how can you speak a language you don’t know?

You can speak it, and as soon as you start, any sounds, meaningless words will just force out the consciousness and allow you to speak unconscious, it will happen…

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