OSHO Vipassana Meditation

OSHO Meditation Practices: Vipassana Meditation

In Vipassana, it can happen that a person feels very sensitive, because you are so quiet that the energy does not dissipate.

Usually the main part of the energy is dissipated, and you are exhausted. When you just sit doing nothing, you become a quiet lake of energy, the lake grows all the time.

It almost reaches the point where it overflows – and then you become sensitive.

You feel sensitivity, even sexuality – as if all the senses have become fresh, youthful, alive; as if dust was falling off you, you took a bath and were cleaned with a shower.

Vipassana Meditation: Step by step guide

Find a comfortable place to sit for forty-five to sixty minutes. It helps if you sit at the same time and in the same place every day, and this place does not have to be quiet.

Experiment until you find the position in which you feel best. You can sit once or twice a day, but do not sit earlier than an hour after eating and an hour before bedtime.

It is important to sit with a straight back and head. Your eyes should be closed as much as possible. A meditation bench or chair or cushions will help.

There is no special breathing technique; ordinary, natural breathing is just what you need …

Sitting in silence, begin to watch your breath. The easiest way to watch is to watch the nostrils.

When you inhale, feel how it touches the nostrils – watch it in this place. Touching is easier to observe; breathing will be too thin; in the beginning observe only the touch.

Breathing happens and you feel how it happens: watch it. And then follow it, go with it. You will find the point at which it stops.

It just stops somewhere — for a brief moment, it stops. Then it goes out again, and then follow it again, feel the touch, the breath coming out of the nose.

Follow him, go out with him – you will again feel the point at which breathing stops for a brief moment. Then the cycle begins again …

Vipassana is not a concentration, and it’s not for the breathing observation for an entire hour.

When thoughts, feelings or sensations arise, or you feel sounds, smells or a breath from the outside, just let your attention to turn to them.

Everything that comes can be considered as clouds floating in the sky – you don’t attach to them and don’t reject them. When you have a choice of what to observe, return to breathing observation.

Remember, nothing special should happen. There is no success, no defeat – as well as no any achievements …

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