OSHO No-Dimension Meditation

OSHO Meditation Practices: No-Dimension Meditation

This meditation, originating from the techniques of G. Gurdjieff is a centering dance and is a good preparation for whirling meditation.

It lasts one hour and consists of three stages. In the first stage, you dance continuously for 30 minutes, performing a certain sequence of movements.

In the second stage, you perform a whirling for 15 minutes.

In the third stage, you lie motionless for 15 minutes.

The first two stages are performed with eyes open, and the last stage with eyes closed.

Step by step guide

No-Dimension Meditation 1st stage – 30 minutes:

Stand on one place, holding the left hand on the heart, and the right on the abdomen. Listen to the music and whatch the rhythm of your breathing.

Starting position: bring the back side of the hands in contact into the front of the abdomen. Inhaling through the nose, raise your hands up to the heart.

Then, exhaling loudly also through the nose, make a movement with the right foot and the right hand forward; at the same time, the left hand in a circular motion returns to the abdomen.

Return to starting position.

Repeat the breathing and movement cycle described above, performing a movement forward with your left hand and left foot. The right hand returns to the abdomen. Then return to the starting position.

Starting from the starting position of the hands, repeat breathing and movements, performing a movement with the right hand and right foot to the right, turning 90 degrees.

Repeat breathing and movement, making a gesture with your left hand and left foot to the left, turning 90 degrees.

Now again from the initial position of the hands on the abdomen repeat breathing and movements, while the right arm and right leg move backward with a 180 degree turn.

Repeat breathing and movement, with the left arm and left leg moving backward with a 180 degree turn. Remember that movement should always start from the center of the “hara”.

Relying on the music, maintain the correct rhythm: the movement should done in a smooth and continuous flow and not be automatic. The dance begins slowly and gradually takes on intensity.

No-Dimension Meditation 2nd stage – 15 minutes:

 Opening your eyes and stretching out your arms, turn counterclockwise. The right palm should be turned up, and the left should be facing the ground.

Breathe naturally and completely surrender to the rotation. If you feel discomfort when rotating counterclockwise, change the direction, and the position of the palms to the opposite.

If you feel nauseous, use the following trick: focus your eyes on your left hand or thumb. If at some point your body falls, that’s good too.

To complete the rotation, slow it down and let your hands come together on your heart and slide over your chest.

No-Dimension Meditation 3rd stage – 15 minutes:

Lie with your eyes closed, preferably on your abdomen. Just turn inward and witness all that happens.

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