OSHO Dynamic Meditation

OSHO Dynamic Meditation Technique

OSHO Dynamic Meditation lasts one hour and goes in five stages. It can be done alone, but the energy will be stronger if it is done in a group. This is an individual experience, so you should not pay attention to your surroundings and keep your eyes closed, preferably with a blindfold. It’s best to do this on an empty stomach and wear a lightweight, comfortable clothes.

Step by step guide

OSHO Dynamic Meditation 1st stage – 10 minutes:

Breathe randomly through your nose, concentrating on exhaling. The body will take care of inhale. Do it as fast and complete as possible – and then even harder until you literally become the breath itself. Use the natural movements of your body as an aid in raising energy. Feel how it rises, but do not give it a freedom during the entire first stage.

OSHO Dynamic Meditation 2nd stage – 10 minutes:

Explode! Let everything in you to splash out. Become completely insane, yell, scream, jump, shake, dance, sing, laugh, “throw yourself out”. Do not keep anything in reserve, move your whole body. Some small action can help to start. Never let the mind to interfere with process. Be total!

OSHO Dynamic Meditation 3rd stage – 10 minutes:

Jump with your hands up, shout out the mantra “Hu! Hu! Hu!” as deep as possible. Every time you land in full foot, let the sound strike deep into your sexual center. Give everything you have, completely exhaust yourself.

OSHO Dynamic Meditation 4th stage – 15 minutes:

Stop! Freeze on your current position. Do not move your body in any way. Coughing, moving, anything will dissipate the flow of energy, and the efforts will be lost. Be a witness to everything that happens to you.

OSHO Dynamic Meditation 5th stage – 15 minutes:

Celebrate and rejoice, with music and dance, expressing your gratitude to everything. Carry your happiness all day long.

If your place for meditation does not allow you to make a noise, you can do it quietly: instead of making sounds, direct the catharsis in the second stage exclusively to bodily movements. In the third stage, the sound “Hu” can be struck by pronouncing it in the mind, and the fifth stage could be replaced with an expressive dance.

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