Chakra Breathing Meditation Practice

Chakra Breathing

Chakra Breathing Meditation lasts one hour and consists of two stages. The eyes remain closed at the end of all meditation.

Step by step guide

Chakra Breathing Meditation 1st stage – 45 minutes:

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, open your mouth and start breathing deeply into the chakras, your energy centers.

Start at the bottom center, the first chakra. When you hear the bell (after about 1.5 minutes), move up to the next chakra. Your breathing should become more frequent and softer as you move up the chakras.

Let your body be relaxed. You can move, shake, or do any light movement that will help your breathing. At the seventh chakra, you will hear the triple ringing of a bell.

Then begin breathing in the opposite direction, slowly descending back through all seven chakras to the first. This takes two minutes. Repeat this entire cycle three times.

Chakra Breathing Meditation 2nd stage – 15 minutes:

Sitting or lying down, with your eyes closed, silently observe everything that happens inside you.

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